Thursday, September 21, 2017

William Almonte - Should You Hire For Skills Or Character?

This is indeed a controversial topic ion the modern world as the perceptive from which a company or recruiters hire employees varies from one domain to the other to a great extent. Some look out for skills and excellence of a particular candidate in a particular field whereas some other recruiters focus on the character and the nature of the employee who is being interviewed. There can’t be a concrete solution or a verdict on this topic though in this segment we will try to come up with a more or less formidable standpoint. William Almonte  had made his statements in this regard, and they carry weight. Do check out the web to know more.

The importance of skills

It is a colossal truth that when a candidate appears for an interview, the interviewer initially checks out the skill level of the candidate. The academic excellence and his or her past work experience are considered. The technical expertise holds a critical role when a candidate appears for an interview. The candidate also prepares himself or herself so that the questions asked on skills can be countered with ease. Do check out the web, and you will find what the ever-popular William Almonte had to say about this concept.

The importance of character

Character and soft skill is also another segment which is strictly scrutinized nowadays. The employer monitors the soft skills. This is perhaps done because the company who is taking the interview considers the fact that only a candidate with a sound nature and character can give the best for a particular organization. He would be able to adjust to the ambiance of the workplace which is very much important. As a matter of fact, sticking to a job is much more important than cracking a job interview. Some people are amazingly skilled, but as their character is not up to mark, they don’t stand much of a chance in cracking an important interview. William Almonte has emphasized his thoughts on this, and you will find them on the web.

My opinion

If I were the recruiter for a particular company, I would have preferred to give more stress on character than skill. This is because a person who is less skilled can be groomed and with the help of on the job training his submerged experienced would get brushed up. The reason for which I would prefer giving more stress on the character is that the soft skills and the nature of the candidate will help him or her to stick with the company for a long time. If he or she is willing to work hard and learn new things, the lack of job skills will not make much of a difference.  William Almonte has also stated this point of views on the web, and they hold valid points. This debate will go on forever among recruiters, as they have different priorities while choosing candidates. Check them out on the web.

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