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William Almonte - How to Choose the Most Effective Recruitment Process for Your Organization

There are more than twelve industry-based recruitment methods which differ completely from all ends. The process of recruitment can hold crucial importance in case of each organization and even more when it comes to the type of businesses they carry out. Well, most of the company follows certain hiring process and keeps the best analyzed on the running list. But there are also procedures that are often personalized by today’s industrialists and even established in order to meet the exact set targets by the company
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Use a job position marketing database management system

In perception of William Almonte, CEO of Titan Staffing Systems, any responsibility in the disciplined field gets simpler if a strategic approach is taken or followed. This is the most common and simple method but at the same time the most effective one to reach your short-term goals. There is no replacement for this particular method. You can always use a freeware or a spread sheet workbook to keep track of recent activities performed by you as well as the listed candidates. Keeping track on such occurrences will help you make close predictions and analysis which shall ultimately lead to exact estimation. It is great way of figuring out the areas that needs maximum attention for the time being. Some of the relevant ideas to work on with this particular process are listed below.
  •         Track the locations from where you are receiving maximum responses
  •      Evaluate the number of applicant’s per day basis
  •         Categorize the types of applied positions and job roles
  •      Keep track of the specifications and respective deadlines

2    Building a cordial rapport with the applicant group

Now, the above titled process is can be counted as not only one of the most effective but reliable procedures at the same. As stated by William Almonte, Goal Oriented Leader of Titan Staffing System, building a relationship with the candidates does not involve communicating informally extending work space but getting in touch with them and making an effort to know certain specifications through strategic interacting methods. As a quality recruiter, you can always follow up with candidates irrespective of joining and parting and conduct a brief survey to know about their core interest areas, additional skills and specializations. This method is also extremely help full for getting in touch with older candidates who have not joined for certain reasons for alternative job offers at any point in time.

3     Perform relevant categories of interviews and evaluations

Another quick and effective technique that can be used by recruiters is to carry out relevant interviews, meetings and confirmations simultaneously. It will also cut down a large amount of time that you would have spent on the lengthy process. All over, conducting compatible tasks simultaneously will help you make precise evaluation in a short amount of period.
However, you can make use of pre-existing templates in order to make the process of interaction much more effective. There are plenty of recruitment procedures and to mention a few it would be, whole cycle interviewing, outsourcing recruitment, internal and external recruiting often used by the HRM management. But understanding, analyzing and finally implying the method will help you align the process specifications with your set of requirements.

Friday, January 26, 2018

William Almonte - The Proper Care And Feeding Of Recruiters

Getting the assistance of a reputed recruiter is an absolute necessity if you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned employee. They have the details, which will otherwise come in handy for job seekers. It is impossible for an individual to keep a tap on all happenings. But with the help of the consultants, you need not search the job sites or drop your resume on the websites of companies, which might not have a vacancy at that moment.

WilliamAlmonte once commented that it is better not to waste too much time in bagging a proper job. The amount to time you waste in looking at in innumerable options, the more are your chances of missing out on good opportunities. It is here that the importance of a good headhunter comes to the fore front.

Talking to the recruiter

It is obvious that the recruiter will call you during the office hours. If you are already in your present workplace, find a relatively silent place so that you can engage into a conversation with the headhunter. In case the job recruiter asks for an alternate number or a good time, then reply accordingly. It is better not to speak too much about your present professional organization. Do not give the recruiter a feeling that you will be ok if you do not get another job.

Explain your trade

The headhunters need not have a clear knowledge about the task you do in the present office. A person, currently engaged in a desk job may also be suitable for field task. The recruiters have info about jobs from all sectors. They have received your details from any job profile. When any recruiter calls you, make sure you provide him/her a brief explanation of what you do. Keeping it short and simple will be good. That will not take up too much time and the headhunter will also get a preliminary idea of your communication skills. William Almonte says that advances communication skills are the first things that any interviewer notices in the candidate.  If you need too much time to fish for appropriate words or simply are at a loss of words, you are not sending a positive message.

Pay attention to the commission system

In case any company is hiring via their HR department, you need not worry about the payment of any commission. But in case you have received the job opportunity via a third party recruiter, then you might have to pay a certain sum for the services. The payment options are also relative. Some recruiting agencies charge their commission from either the organization or the candidate, while others can take money from both parties.

Maintain constant contact

It is necessary that the candidate gives the recruiter the impression that he/she is interested to get the services that the headhunter is offering. Call, text or mail them after a certain interval and keep them in the loop. It will boost your credibility and they will strive more to place you in a reputed organization, that offers a handsome salary.

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