Wednesday, April 5, 2017

William Almonte - What Are The Facts To Know About Recruiters?

We all are aware of the recruitment industry and its hard hitting demands especially if any of us belong to this profession or have earlier been associated with it. We know how difficult it becomes at times to deal with recruiters. Like any other profession, it too has its way of operating, and the professionals also require to be treated tactfully. So when it comes to the fresh graduates, who are now prepping up to enter the professional world, they do need a reality check of this profession.

It has been observed closely in the journey of Mr. WilliamAlmonte, the way he dealt with recruiters at the beginning of his career. So there are certain things that should be known by everyone before considering recruitment as a profession. We have brought some of the factors in light shortly that you should know before seeking help from recruiters to get a job.

Contract Based Recruiters

In such cases, recruiters get paid by the employers only when they place candidates successfully for the required vacancy.

Retained Contracts

Recruiters do not usually obtain this type of contracts, though recruiters get paid upfront by the company. Despite knowing that recruiter may or may not be able to fill up the vacancies.


It is mostly seen or heard that recruiters are giving away guarantees to their clients. The assurances they give are sort of risk management to ensure the company is not left with a vacant position after any employee is gone. The guarantee in the industry works on the standard prorated basis of 30 days, 60 and 90 days respectively.

The general manipulation by recruiters

It is very important to notice that when they are urging you to go to a specified company. If they are referring it as the best, then you must know, those best companies do not require the help from recruiters to fetch candidates. Like Google, Apple and many others, the best itself stand out in the crowd. Hence do not give in their continuous insistence.

Notice when they are telling you, that this one is an exclusive job. It supposedly means that they might have retained their contract. It is better to be a little dubious than blindly believing them says, Mr. WilliamAlmonte. In that case, you have to pull up your socks and run a research on your own to validate it.

Apart from this, there are few more dos and don'ts that you should be aware of while working with recruiters.

The Dos

Ask the recruiters all relevant questions related to the job that is popping up in your mind in a polite tone.

The Don'ts

Never opt for any recruiter or recruiting firm who is charging money in advance from you. Not in any condition like resume selling services. You should never allow any type of fee that they are charging unethically.

Do not work further with a recruiter who is hiding the employer company's name. The chances are likely to be more for other matters that are kept hidden.

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