Thursday, September 21, 2017

William Almonte - Should You Hire For Skills Or Character?

This is indeed a controversial topic ion the modern world as the perceptive from which a company or recruiters hire employees varies from one domain to the other to a great extent. Some look out for skills and excellence of a particular candidate in a particular field whereas some other recruiters focus on the character and the nature of the employee who is being interviewed. There can’t be a concrete solution or a verdict on this topic though in this segment we will try to come up with a more or less formidable standpoint. William Almonte  had made his statements in this regard, and they carry weight. Do check out the web to know more.

The importance of skills

It is a colossal truth that when a candidate appears for an interview, the interviewer initially checks out the skill level of the candidate. The academic excellence and his or her past work experience are considered. The technical expertise holds a critical role when a candidate appears for an interview. The candidate also prepares himself or herself so that the questions asked on skills can be countered with ease. Do check out the web, and you will find what the ever-popular William Almonte had to say about this concept.

The importance of character

Character and soft skill is also another segment which is strictly scrutinized nowadays. The employer monitors the soft skills. This is perhaps done because the company who is taking the interview considers the fact that only a candidate with a sound nature and character can give the best for a particular organization. He would be able to adjust to the ambiance of the workplace which is very much important. As a matter of fact, sticking to a job is much more important than cracking a job interview. Some people are amazingly skilled, but as their character is not up to mark, they don’t stand much of a chance in cracking an important interview. William Almonte has emphasized his thoughts on this, and you will find them on the web.

My opinion

If I were the recruiter for a particular company, I would have preferred to give more stress on character than skill. This is because a person who is less skilled can be groomed and with the help of on the job training his submerged experienced would get brushed up. The reason for which I would prefer giving more stress on the character is that the soft skills and the nature of the candidate will help him or her to stick with the company for a long time. If he or she is willing to work hard and learn new things, the lack of job skills will not make much of a difference.  William Almonte has also stated this point of views on the web, and they hold valid points. This debate will go on forever among recruiters, as they have different priorities while choosing candidates. Check them out on the web.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

William Almonte - What Are The Benefits Of Having A Professional Recruiting Agent?

There are several benefits you may come to terms with while working with a professional recruiter. If you are a fresher, then it is most likely to be a completely new territory for you to enter and find your footing. It is difficult for those people as well to make a shift to a better job, who have already been in the professional field. Here you need a professional recruiter to consult with, who will be a savior for you in the hardcore corporate land.

To be hired as quickly as possible whether or not you are a novice, it is better to seek help from a professional recruiter agrees Mr. William Almonte. A professional recruiter is way more acquainted with this recruitment and placement procedure than you. Hence you may certainly regard him as a guide who would ease your journey to be placed. Therefore, we have contemplated some benefits that you can extract of hiring one professional recruiter for you.

Sending Resume

The first thing that they do for you is sending resumes for you to all the suitable openings that you might not be aware of. Once you contact them afterward, it is their responsibility to get you placed at a good position in a reputed firm. They will know better that what designation you will be qualified for.

Improvise Resume

Since they are taking care of your placement and only then they will be paid, hence they do not want to leave any stone unturned. They will make sure your resume contains the substantial information to attract the employer. For that reason, they will do the necessary changes to make your resume more worthy to appeal the employers. Thus you will also get benefitted by getting an improvised professional resume in your kitty.

Mock Interview

Now, this session happens to be one of the most beneficial help to you according to Mr. William Almonte. It is quite common to be nervous and fumble up before or during a crucial interview. This is why to prevent any such trivial nuisances which might threaten your golden chance to be hired; recruiters arrange a mock interview for you. This interactive session on the backdrop of the actual interview will help you to overcome fear. Besides this, you will also be aware of the type of questions will be asked to you.

Opportunity for Temporary Jobs

Another benefit of consulting professional recruiter is accessing temporary jobs. It is expected that you would not be aware of all the potential chances coming your way. Be it long term or temporary, but recruiters are well informed about such openings. Though it might not be for the long run, but definitely fruitful to allow some earnings out of short term contract based jobs before bagging the big one.

Moreover, professional recruiters can benefit you in many ways, such as by negotiating the salary or, giving advice as to which area to be improved. They have many valuable suggestions which you might explore for the betterment of your career. Above all, they can make the job searching procedure much shorter and faster than you.  

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

William Almonte - What Are The Facts To Know About Recruiters?

We all are aware of the recruitment industry and its hard hitting demands especially if any of us belong to this profession or have earlier been associated with it. We know how difficult it becomes at times to deal with recruiters. Like any other profession, it too has its way of operating, and the professionals also require to be treated tactfully. So when it comes to the fresh graduates, who are now prepping up to enter the professional world, they do need a reality check of this profession.

It has been observed closely in the journey of Mr. WilliamAlmonte, the way he dealt with recruiters at the beginning of his career. So there are certain things that should be known by everyone before considering recruitment as a profession. We have brought some of the factors in light shortly that you should know before seeking help from recruiters to get a job.

Contract Based Recruiters

In such cases, recruiters get paid by the employers only when they place candidates successfully for the required vacancy.

Retained Contracts

Recruiters do not usually obtain this type of contracts, though recruiters get paid upfront by the company. Despite knowing that recruiter may or may not be able to fill up the vacancies.


It is mostly seen or heard that recruiters are giving away guarantees to their clients. The assurances they give are sort of risk management to ensure the company is not left with a vacant position after any employee is gone. The guarantee in the industry works on the standard prorated basis of 30 days, 60 and 90 days respectively.

The general manipulation by recruiters

It is very important to notice that when they are urging you to go to a specified company. If they are referring it as the best, then you must know, those best companies do not require the help from recruiters to fetch candidates. Like Google, Apple and many others, the best itself stand out in the crowd. Hence do not give in their continuous insistence.

Notice when they are telling you, that this one is an exclusive job. It supposedly means that they might have retained their contract. It is better to be a little dubious than blindly believing them says, Mr. WilliamAlmonte. In that case, you have to pull up your socks and run a research on your own to validate it.

Apart from this, there are few more dos and don'ts that you should be aware of while working with recruiters.

The Dos

Ask the recruiters all relevant questions related to the job that is popping up in your mind in a polite tone.

The Don'ts

Never opt for any recruiter or recruiting firm who is charging money in advance from you. Not in any condition like resume selling services. You should never allow any type of fee that they are charging unethically.

Do not work further with a recruiter who is hiding the employer company's name. The chances are likely to be more for other matters that are kept hidden.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

How to choose a training agency for your recruiters?

There are essential aspects that a training agency needs to cater to teach the hiring process to the recruiters. To seek the help of the experts, it is imperative that these recruiters go through a proper training process. 

According to the expert William Almonte , the recruiting process is a huge responsibility where the recruiter needs to be skillful and very efficient in making the right choice while selecting the candidate. A committed staffing agency is the most suitable one who can deliver on time services to the organizations by training the recruiters with the required skills. This searching process for the perfect candidates is a costly and tiring process.

William Almonte , states that a highly updated staffing agency that knows the industry specific issues can assist in letting the business stay focused and organized in development activities. Since the workforce forms, the core aspect of any organization the recruitment of the skilled and highly expertise candidates is also crucial.

Factors that can help in selecting the training agency

  • ·         An agency that is well updated

 The staffing agency that needs to recruit the candidates should be well updated with the industry ways and manners. The agency has to be able to train the recruiters with the present techniques and methods. An agency which has global reach and can expand into the new markets can help recruiters get the exposure and training to handle the recruiting process.

  •  To compare the various agencies available in the market

 The whole process of comparing the agencies can help in assessing whether the agencies follow the required policies that can assist the small and large businesses. These training agencies teach varied processes and techniques of recruiting which depends on the kind of business that the client has. Amidst all of them choose the agency that ensures high-quality services in terms of staffing.

  •          To gather more information on them

The agencies have their set of terms and agreements based on which they work. It is imperative that before selecting a particular agency for training the recruiter’s information are collected about the company.

It is important that one gets to enroll such an agency that is authentic and trains the recruiters in understanding the needs and demands of the market. The human resource is an important part of the workforce of an organization.

The rapport and the relationship build by the organization with the training agency are essential as the recruiters get to seek advice and suggestion during the hiring process. These ease the hiring process. These top notch agencies can help in providing ideas and information that the recruiters need to be updated.

With the change in the economy, the hiring companies have to be well versed with the market. They have to learn the different ways of tackling the problems and challenges that come their way. For this, they do need a superior quality training agency that can hone them with the required skills and train them in recruiting the finest quality of candidates who can bring about further development of the organization.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to train new recruits?

A systematic recruiting structure is of crucial importance to any hiring process in order to ensure a comforting and welcoming working environment to the blow ins at any organization. When it comes to ensuring an optimum level of involvement, dedication and devotion of the newly hires employees of a company or organization, it is integral to have them aptly trained. Proper training of the fresh recruits of a company plays a highly essential role in boosting the confidence and preparing them to work efficiently with enhanced enthusiasm and spirit.

 William Almonte Mahwah says,a properly organized and orderly conducted training program for the new employees is no less than recruiting or selecting the right human resource.  Such a training program proves highly effective in reducing additional costs that come as a result of making the new hires learn within the job process. An employee training coupled with an initial induction program also saves the time of supervisors and coordinators at the time of core work on the floor.

Following are a few important tips on the proper training of new hires that are applicable almost for all types of professional organizations and corporate sectors.

Keep assorted training programs

Since the learning style and grasping abilities vary from one person to another, thus, the training should be carried out in a number of different methods and forms. The training methods can be done by several different means such as, through meetings or conferences, PowerPoint presentations and visual demonstrations, handbooks and manuals and a lot more. Implementing different kinds of training methods is considered by experts like William Almonte to make the learning process for new recruits more interesting and facile. This kind of diverse training modes and methods are also suggested, keeping in mind the skill differences and specialized domains of different employees.

Take help of the current employees in the training sessions

Involving the already working employees in the training program or other practical training sessions can prove to be a highly expedient and effective option. It is a fact to admit that the leading authorities of any project or the supervisors of the project need to know the new hires and get themselves familiar and well acquainted with the individuals. However, it is also to bed conceded that, a one to one acquaintance and interaction between the staff members is of no less importance in case of enhancing a cohesive bond and collaboration between each other.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

What is Human Resource all about?

Resource is the chief operating factor of any company or organization. In order to function productively and effectively, every organization needs a few basic resources. These include capital, materials, machinery and last but not the least, man power or human resources. However, the inanimate resources cannot themselves meet and accomplish the aims and objectives of the company. Hence, they need to be sought out organized, utilized and coordinated the human resources.

From the need of this situation in every professional organization, there emerged the HRM or the Human resource Management. Like the way a Central Processing Unit operates and performs the chief processing functions of a computer system, the human resource management is likewise regarded as the major functioning part of every professional body. It deals with crucial things ranging from the role of finding and recruiting human resources to performance management, the welfare and security of the workers for the company.

Thus, the human resource department of any company or organization plays a vital role in building and developing the employee structure, motivating the employees leading to the overall or holistic development and organized administration of the company.

What is understood by the term Human Resource?

To state it very flat, the term ‘Human Resource’ is used to define the employees who work for an organization or company as well as to describe the incumbent department that is responsible for the proper and organized management of the other resources related to the human resources. According to William Almonte Mahwah Since the fundamental resource for any kind of productive and constructive work is essentially human beings, and the basic formula behind every unit of production is universally based on the operational statistics of man and hours, there is no alternative to human resources in any professional field.

Though, nowadays, with the rapid move towards technological advancement and modernization, consistent efforts are being made to reduce and minimize the role of human resources in the professional field of production by replacing human beings with improved and advanced machinery. Yet, it is also admitted unanimously that machines are technology-based systems and are after all, required to be operated and monitored by human beings. So, says WilliamAlmonte, the roles of human resources and the managing department of human resources in any company or organization are integral to brace up the administration, discipline and development of the organization, eventually making the most of the values of its employees.

 In the 1960s, when the value and worth of the labor relations began to draw attention and recognition, and when such notions and concepts like organizational conduct, worker motivation came into existence, the term ‘human resource’ reportedly broke in with its epoch making impact on the professional units.

Human Resource Management

The aforesaid discourse has by now etched a concrete impression of the importance and role of the human resource managing department which make it integral to every organization. The HRM looks after the recruiting, proper training, compensation, appraisal and benefits and security of the workers, keeps up a healthy employer-labor relationship contributing to the overall development of the organization.